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Continuation of BlogCatalog — 11 Comments

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  3. Hi Diane,
    I like this post. I too have been finding my way around the social networks, and I also find it lots of fun. I always love meeting new people.

    I am writing about self promotion today, and featuring yours as one of the blogs I read. I’m including your link in the article, which should be posted soon.

    Thank you!

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  5. It took me about a month to figure things out on blogcatalog.
    And even after that I learned that you can leave reviews and that you can manually update your blog page so that your newest entry shows.
    Fancy 😉
    I did NOT see yet the widget for your communities, wow, now that IS cool 😀
    I need to check that later, after having had more coffee!

    Thanks also for your latest post, those Buddhas Rock :)!!

  6. Both you and Kris had very helpful posts today and I appreciate both so much. I do not quite undertand this yet…will re-read and widgetize myself (sometime) Thanks again….

  7. at the bottom too. You would use the shoutbox at the bottom of this part on someone else’s sidebar – when you want to leave them a message.

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