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Two Things Challenge – Colo{u}rful/Words — 10 Comments

  1. On behalf of Hala (who is related by marriage to Rima’ s husband Zan), I thank you for your generous heart. On behalf of all of us who have dealt or are dealing with cancer (personally or not), I thank you for extending your time and love to all of us. I know how busy you are and that makes it even more special. The kindness of strangers is a misnomer; for you, my friend, brings up the best in all of us (strangers or otherwise). XXXXXX

  2. sweet! very lovely interpretation – however, the letters are a little faint – some of them (the darker hues) might appear better with a bit more heft maybe? what do you think? or is it part of the “light” feeling you’re going for?

  3. Hi Neda, Your words are so so kind … thank you!! You, of course, are just as kind, if not more so!! Hugs …

    Hi Rima, you are absolutely right that the words are a little light … 2 things … one I was in a rush and two I didn’t want the words to interfere with the painting … but if I have time I will beef them up.

    Hi Nicola, why thank you!

    Hi Bobbie, Thank you so much!

    Hi Irene, Any time just let yourself go into my bubbles and be refreshed – thank you!

    Thank you all,

    ~ Diane

  4. A great entry! The elegant words perfectly matching the elegant bubbles. This was a graceful entry. Interesting how all the English people (me and Frances, think of colourful language as swearing (though I tried to subvert it,). I think you US people are much more civilised!

  5. LOL, Bev. I’m not so sure.

    Diane, I love this entry. It was possibly the most literal translation of the challenge, yet you did it with your trademark beauty and flair for subtilty. You’ve chosen hues and words that just seeing them makes those of that love color (and who doesn’t?), feel all good and warm inside. I like how the words float right along with the bubbles.

  6. Hi Beverly, Thank you so much! I don’t know the US people are more civilized … look at some of the things we are doing …

    Hi Debi, Thank you so so much!! I really like what you said!!

    Hi Ruthie, thank you so much!!

    ~ Diane

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