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Resolution!! — 11 Comments

  1. Yea! People are mostly good don’t you think? So glad you were reimbursed for your loss and as my dh says “a squeeky wheel gets the oil” and you know, he is right!

  2. Yay, I am pleased for you! I truly believe that when people put good out there it comes back 3 fold. Especially when it is done in the right spirit.
    Have you done calendars of your art?
    Keep on smiling!
    Lisa 🙂

  3. Good for you for happy endings, it would have been so heartbreaking otherwise. You kind of lose your trust in people and now you don’t have to. That’s great.

  4. I am seeing your determination and your belief in being honest and forthright as having had, as you always deserve it to have, a most powerful effect on your fortunes. YIPPEE!!! Yes, folks almost always want to do the right thing, but their capacity to both access what it is and make it operational is not always intact, so when it works out it’s worth acknowledging and appreciating so thanks for doing both so articulately in your “RESOLUTION!!” post…

  5. We’re getting the ice here too. Your work looks great on the merchandise! Great news about how everything is finanlly working out. It just shows be pays to be persistant!

  6. this is wonderful news and i couldn’t be happier for you. as tom suggests above, i do believe you attracted the energy for helping to make this happen. never give up, g/f
    people ARE basically good.

  7. Hi Neda, thank you very much!! thanks for the mention too.

    Hi Naragulah, I am delighted you like my work!! Unfortunately my profit margin is so low (to make my work affordable always), I cannot go lower … if you would like to buy in bulk anytime, we can work something out!

    Hi Bobbie, I do think people are mostly good … and I have had to learn to squeak also. Your dh is right.

    Hi Lisa, I was going to do calendars this year through CafePress … but it got lost in all the bro ha ha this fall around health issues. But I will definitely do one next year … because I will prep one out with the 2008 calendar so I will be all ready. I work hard to live my life with right spirit!

    Hi Debi, thank you so so much!! Yes, it feels much better!!

    Hi Irene, yes, I like happy ending – and confirming trust in humankind!!

    Hi Tom, thank you for your thoughtful comments about the process … so true I think. And given you have known me for over 35 years, I am glad you see me that way!!!

    Hi Beverly, stay warm and dry! Persistence is hardly over rated! So glad you like my images on the merchandise.

    Hi Sue, Thank you so so much!! I won’t … and don’t you either!

    Hi Kris, Thank you so much … yes, communication. And as is true for many of us, it was hard won to teach myself since my family, as most, didn’t do lots of that!!

    Thank you!!
    ~ Diane Clancy

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