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Illustrator Friday – Little Things — 10 Comments

  1. Diane, just one question. Why does it seem that the owls reappear so often? Is it an image that you keep working with? Just curious. It seems they appear with their questioning eyes saying “Who” in the same colors.

  2. I love the lion video! How beautiful that this exists, and I am grateful for the technology that allowed me to see it. Thank you.

    I loved your Little Things piece. All of the parts look interconnected, like little things making up a bigger whole. Kind of like cells in a body.

  3. Hi Rima, Thank you and yes, what a video!

    Hi Neda, Thank you,

    Hi Irene, I can see why you keep seeing the owls. I have done lots of manipulations with one image so there are lots of small changes … and then when one grabs me in a certain way, I use it. thank you for your question.

    Hi Sue, I agree!

    Hi Kris, yes – what a video!! I love your analysis.

    Thank you,

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