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Illustrator Friday – Horizon — 8 Comments

  1. I would like to twirl my hand through your bubbles and see what happens to them. Will they float away or will they rearrange them selves in another pretty arrangement? Will some of them drop in the water and float there? If I squeeze them will they pop and become many bubbles?

  2. As always, your art is so replete with vibrancy… it is electric and alive. I like the reflective poem you add as an accessory. Indeed, let us always broaden our horizons. The Happiest of Holidays to you and yours!



  3. Hi Nicola, I am delighted you love my bubblescapes!!

    Hi Barbara, Thank you!!

    Hi Irene, Feel free to play in my bubbles anytime!

    Hi Abhinav, thank you so much!! I will announce this in the next few days .. thank you!!

    Hi Ruthie, I am thrilled you are delighted by my art and blog!!

    Hi Nicole, thank you so much!!

    Hi Bobbie, thank you so so much for your ongoing kindness!!!

    ~ Diane

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