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Happy New Year’s Eve & Been Tagged — 14 Comments

  1. You must have enormously long hair and I am real curious to see it now.

    Anyway, a very Happy New year to you and I wish you many productive and fruitful days with lots of wonderful art. Here’s to a great 2008!

  2. That makes three of us! Please, please, a photo of your hair! Brushed out and hanging down your back! OK? 🙂

    Have you done any self portraits?

    Happy New Year, new friend.



  3. Hi Everyone … just because I haven’t cut my hair doesn’t mean it is as long as the picture … believe me, it is not. And it is always been thin and fine … and even more so as I get older … ~ Diane

  4. Hi Kris, Thank you and I am delighted that you love this! It is intimate.

    Hi Ellie, Thank you for your support!!

    Hi Debra Ann, Happy New Year!!

    Hi Irene and Beverely, Sometime I will get Susan to take a picture and show you … my hair is not all that long … just not cut. Though as I have gotten healthier, my hair had grown longer.

    Hi Shoshana, most of my faces are self-portraits … but none of my hair. I will have to get Susan to photograph … hers is MUCH more beautiful than mine!!!

    Hi Chris … I wish my hair were that nice!

    Hi Lady Banana, Thank you for coming and caring!

    Hi Sue, thank you so much too for being part of my journey!!

    Hi Nicola, Happy New Year!!

    Thank you all!
    ~ Diane

  5. I love the picture of you up on the maple tree 🙂 I, too, wanted a twin..got Rima instead (haha), we share so much in common and yet we are so completely different! I HATE going to get my hair cut (and I do it once or twice a year only)… Nice to read more about you.

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