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Getting My New Cards — 12 Comments

  1. Hi Diane~

    I found you on Kris Cahill’s Art & Clairvoyance blog. OMG! Your colors! Your soul! Wow! I see why Kris tagged you–I love this blog of your’s and can’t wait to surf around your posts.

    Have you done any ‘lovers’ paintings? I redecorated my cottage and am looking for lovers art.

    Happy New Year to you and yours,


  2. Dear Diane,
    I certainly hope that as a NEW YEAR is about to dawn, your splendid work gets much more of the recognition it AND YOU so richly deserve. May Dick also find ways to get the word out that he is a source for your images! Thanks for sharing your process – the struggles and triumphs – since it enriches my conception of you and of our friendship.

  3. My only suggestion is to try selling those wrong-colour cards as well. Why not? Just because they are not what you intended doesn’t mean other people might not like them. They are probably really good, just don’t match up to your original vision.
    Better than the waste of throwing them all away. You have nothing to lose and you can have a re-think if it turns out no-one wants them – find some other way of recycling them artistically.
    love Reflections in Blue by the way

  4. And now you have to put on your brave shoes and try to sell your cards. There must be dozens of way to do it and I am sure you have this all well researched. Still, it must be a daunting job and I wish you lots of luck.

  5. I agree with Frances, do the cards look good, even if they are not the “right” color? I’ve had experience with this as well, and fortunately I was able to use what I got, because I didn’t need it to match exactly. On the other hand, congratulations on getting them reprinted well. We choose our colors carefully, and want them to be right!

    I have a question for you: how do you like Cafe Press? I am planning to open a Cafe Press shop in 2008 and would love any feedback you have about your experience there. Thanks, Diane!

  6. What a testament to Modern Postcards. That is such good information to know. Thank you for sharing every step of your experiences. I especially liked this step: “The journey continues …” 🙂

    You go, Diane!

  7. Hi Julie, it IS exciting! You are right!

    Hi Chris, Glad you see this as fun!

    Hi Shoshi, thank you for coming!! I am going to work on a lovers bubblescape to see if you like it … I also sent you an email.

    Hi Tom, thank you so much for your ongoing support!!!

    Hi Frances, I have been thinking about that in the back of my mind. I have considered giving them away to a charity or a place without money for them to use.

    Hi Irene, yes, daunting!!!! I like that … my brave shoes!

    Hi Collin, thank you for your confidence .. I don’t forget people, let me assure you!!

    Hi Kris, I will have to take another look at the cards again. I do like CafePress in many ways … perhaps I should do a post or we can email … I am glad to be helpful to you … I learned a LOT of stuff the hard way!!!

    Hi Debi, yes, Modern Postcards is very good! Thank you for your support!

    Thank you all!
    ~ Diane

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