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  1. Sorry to hear your fair didn’t go well! I know the issues you face with price of the stall, transport and goods needing to match the gain. It is hard when you factor in the whole cost not just the stall fee. I have a lot of people asking why I don’t put my art in fairs and I tell them that the outlay would be several hundred first. Anywhere from $200 to $500 for my canvases and paint depending on the size and quanitity. I could make that back on a good day and something for my time but you need to have the money to part with first and NOT be reliant on selling straight away. That is the joy of all freelance and self employement though isn’t it? I guess if we really needed to garuntee that income then it’s not the safest road to follow. Safe dosn’t always equal happy though so I am glad my art income isn’t our only one!
    I enjoy your posts and comments. I will be back soon!
    Best wishes,

  2. Fairs do take a LOT of effort and energy, which is fine if you make good sales. But many times the turnout is not what is expected or the market isn’t right or a jillion other things. I do see what you are saying, but it does get you before the public and every little contact has the potential to add to your recognition and possible sales later.

  3. Glad to see the little bubble among friends! I admire you for doing these fairs as the commercial world seems to be quite hard, especially if you have health issues. Sorry about the bad weather. We get that very often in England and it spoils all manner of things, even in the summer!

  4. My daughter and I did a couple of fairs only and in just that short experience, I can really relate to yours. Bad weather, lacking press, lots and lots of work to unload and load, and net income less than 0. Add on top of that if you have health problems, well I can see that it is a very big deal. Too bad this particular arrangement — you drop off, they sell — didn’t work out this time.

    Hang in there, Diane. I know you are doing everything you can to make your art work for you.

  5. I completely understand about fairs. There was one I did while I still lived in Chicago, for about 12 years or so. The only outdoor fair I would do, the Bucktown Arts Fest. It was worth the extreme stress to my body because I would make a lot of sales and meet new clients. Since moving to the West Coast, I am not attracted to doing fairs at all. I am Done.

    The great advantages of doing a fair include getting to meet lots of people and talk about one’s work. This is wonderful, and I learned so much from years of doing it.

    The disadvantages include everything you pointed out, hardship on the body and health, inclement weather, low sales. Some fairs are just not worth it.

    One thing I am learning is that I don’t have to say yes to every opportunity that comes along. some “opportunities” are tests, and I realize I passed that one already!

  6. Hi Lisa, Thank you for your comment – yes, it is quite challenging when you factor in everything. I have never done a high end fair because I am not willing to take the risk – it doesn’t seem to me to be a good one – especially since I am selling mainly prints right now.

    Hi Bobbie, that is how I work to look at it … that it is contact over time that will increase my sales … because they say people are buying the artist besides the artwork. thank you for your comment!

    Hi Beverly, I am glad you like the bubble with their friends! yes, weather can effect things greatly! I still haven’t figured out how to do all this the best way for myself!!

    Hi Debi, Thank you so so much for your encouragement!!!

    hi Kris, I appreciate what you are saying!! I like that … I can see the advantages of the fairs too … and they seemed to be more worth it the first couple of years … good way to think about it. I an so glad you like my work!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  7. Love, love, love this piece – so airy and beautiful.

    I have to say I hate fairs too, but they do seem to be necessary sometimes, they do bring exposure somehow – any marketing is good, no?

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