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  1. I like the backgrounds you have been using, actually, I like the general color scheme lately. I am all for the darker colors as opposed to the lighter pastels. I love the dark backgrounds.

    Merry Christmas, Diane!

  2. I’m all for more love and joy and wish the same for you, Diane.

    Speaking of love and joy, look at those wonderful blues and greens in the background here. I love and what joy!

  3. A belated Merry Christmas to you too, as it’s now Boxing Day. Great picture! Also a Happy New Year (I’m on time for that one) and a successful one, especially in your business ventures!

  4. Hi Diane- Love your colors so much, very healing. I stumbled across your website and loved your blogs, too.
    I purchase designs, outright, work for hire. which I then resell or license under our studio name.
    I am looking for a balloon design at present, with bright colors< suitable for birthday paper plates. About 5-6 balloons, in colors, like your trucks and buses design, youthful but not too pre-schoolish , a rainbow feel. Unisex….some balloons could have dots, imperfect shapes, with fun patterns. I am also looking for Easter Eggs, and Graduation themes….
    The pay would be $300 flat, upon acceptance.
    Best Wishes, e

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