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Consignment Shop Update — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Diane,
    It is disappointing when people turn out to be careless with one’s work. I’ve experienced this a bit too, and it isn’t fun.

    But then you have a lovely lady who sees the value in your work and is grateful to have it! Hooray.

    Your Cafe Press shop is beautiful, so filled with color. I hope you sell a lot!

  2. This woman has restored my faith that was lost on the fair deal. There are many good and trustworthy people in the world and I believe this woman was sent to you to show you that.

  3. Hi Nicola, Thank you very much!!

    Hi Kris, yes, it is so disappointing when people are careless with one’s work!! Not fun at all. But yes it is wonderful to feel so appreciated!! Thank you for your kind comments around my CafePress shop … I imagine you can image the many, many hours I have put in!

    Hi Bobbie, I love your analysis … she sure did that!

    Hi Debi, I agree … good outweighs bad! Thank for your you idea of riding high!

    Hi Beverly, I like your attitude!

    Thank you,

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