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Choosing a Printer — 4 Comments

  1. It’s good to do thorough research and come to your own conclusions. You know why you make a decision and you know what the competition is like. It must all be very exciting for you to see your art represented on so many cards. It’s like your art will multiply itself around the world and hopefully it will be framed everywhere.

  2. You have a sound and logical way of making plans and decisions. The combination of art and logic is well served in you and hopefully the paired talents will result in much financial success!

  3. Yes, I think you have quite a good logical mind, considering that you are also an artist, who probably use a different part of their brain! You seem to think carefully about the decisions. Exciting to see your picture multiplied on so many cards!

  4. Hi Irene, this is a very good way to say why I do do the research myself – great analysis!! It is so exciting to see my images on cards – I love it!! Thank you for your good wishes .. that is my wish too!!

    Hi Debi, Thank you so much, Debi … I sure hope you are right!!

    Hi Beverly, Glad you are excited about seeing my paintings multiplied!! I do think I use both sides of the brain … I wouldn’t want to give one side up!!

    Thank you!
    ~ Diane

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