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Cards and Licensing — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Diane,
    Congratulations on receiving the Nice Matters Award! I’m not surprised, you are so nice.

    I have 12 of my images licensed and on cards, and I will send you the information by email, as they are always looking for more artists. I like this company, and even though it hasn’t been a lot of money yet, it’s a start, and very cool to have someone else print cards with your art on them.

    Have a great Holiday and lots of fun!

  2. You seem to know what you are doing when it comes to the licensing. Who would have thought we would get a business education on an art blog!
    I love the painting of the mother ‘watching all’, and I like the colours and her hair. Makes her look quite mythical, somehow. Congrats on Neda getting the award. I have noticed how she freely gives of herself and knowledge on other artist’s blogs.

  3. No one here is talking about a business plan? Has anyone here written one? Dying to know about business plan, returns on investment of time and money. Are you guys looking for investors? Do it on your own? So many questions, so little time to ask them…

  4. Hi Kris, I am so delighted that you are sending me this info … I think you know I have gotten behind … but I will check them out. It would be so wonderful if they wanted to use my cards!!! Thank you so much!!

    Hi Debra Ann, Thank you for your kind words!! I sure hope I can get them out in a very broad way!

    Hi Beverly, I vaguely know what I am doing … still so much to learn!! I think the thing is that most artists now have to work very hard at business. I am so glad you like Mother Watching All … what you say about it is how I see it too.

    Hi Andy, you are very right – a business plan is an excellent idea! I am wanting to take financial risks that I can handle myself … I don’t want to go into debt! Remember this is something I did several years ago ,, so the cards are printed and bought … now all that is left is the marketing. Thank you for stopping by!

    Thank you!
    ~ Diane Clancy

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