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Black Beauty Ranch — 16 Comments

  1. I look forward to learning more about your hard-won marketing experiences! I keep thinking….one day….maybe…..

    And thank you so much for the link to the Black Beauty Ranch! Of course I had to dash over to Google to see how far Murchison is from here. It might be a good Photo Safari opportunity for my friend Donna and me. It will have to be a weekend trip, though — over 400 miles away! 🙁

    Are you in Texas? Sorry, I’m just now subscribing to your blog and don’t know a lot of things you’ve probably already posted or shared.

    P.S. From the Black Beauty Ranch there is a clickable link to Feed An Animal For Free on the bottom left. Check it out.

  2. I love this picture too! but that’s no surprise to you, is it? 🙂
    It’s great to talk about your experiences – being out there, day in day out in such a competitive market.

  3. I love this picture too, Diane. So cool, so frosty, so simple, so clean.

    Murchinson, Tx is very close to my home in Gilmer, Tx. I haven’t been there but I donate to the fund for animals and would encourage eveyone to do so. it is an arm of the Humane Society Of America and a very worthy cause.

  4. That Black Beauty Ranch sounds like a wonderful place. I am sure the animals are very happy there, considering where they came from. Oh, horrors. It makes me ashamed to be a human being.

  5. Frosty Clarity is beautiful! Love the title too!

    I send out a newsletter or two each month, and find it a wonderful communication tool. I wish you much success with yours! Please send me one.

  6. Hi Debi, There are lots of good things too when you get to marketing … I must tell you that part too! Let me know how it goes if you and Donna go over!! And I am in Mass, not Texas … but I care very much about animals!!

    Hi Rima, I am delighted you like this picture .. but not surprised. I am surprised that everyone seems to want to know about this … it is great to write about it!

    Hi Bobbie, was it you I first heard about Lulu from? I know you care lots about animals … and so thrilled you love this picture!

    Hi Irene, I know what you mean …. and what can we do besides try to be the best person we can every day and …educate ourselves!! And volunteer or contribute. But we can’t all do all of it!!

    Hi Beverly, I am glad it works for you … I took this photo from your town … you never saw the sea this way? *smile*

    Hi Kris, I will send you mine … I meant to … but it went out pretty haphazard … my server started refusing my sending more … so I sent in bits and pieces … gotta get organized. I connect with my spirit to ask for names usually ….

    Hi Julie, I won’t forget you!! I am glad you came by! I know your work has more.

    Thank you!
    ~ Diane Clancy

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  8. Next time in in Texas I will definitely go to visit Black Beauty Ranch. It’s a great idea. I need to find out more about the federal government extermination – how sad!

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