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Actually Printing the Cards — 9 Comments

  1. These images are so uplifting to be put on greetings cards. Literally so, with the floating bubbles and the luminous colours. I love your painting ‘Reflections in Blue’. It reminds me a little of the sculpture ‘The Thinker’ with the women thinking, but this is such a woman-centred card, celebrating women’s form and the fact they can think as well!

  2. Hi World Gallery, I am so excited you want me to be part of your site!! Thank you!

    Hi Beverly, I never heard anyone else say that about The Thinker, but that is how I think of the Reflections in Blue also. I am eager to see if there is a desire for cards with these bubbles! Thank you,

    Hi Debra Ann, Thank you so much!

    Hi Irene, Thank you so much for caring about me and my art and my business!!

    Hi Allison, I am delighted you like my bubblescapes!

    Thank you!
    ~ Diane Clancy

  3. I’ve had a wonderful time looking at your postcards and meandering on to the Vision Works site. You are a good fit with them and I wish you both success in your partnership. Exciting. Exciting. Exciting.

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