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Two Things Challenge – Poetic/Prosaic — 16 Comments

  1. That rock is indeed prosaic! I myself have noticed on my visits to the seaside that you often get the poetry of the sea broken up by barriers, rocks and other pieces of wood. However, in England there is an artist Anthony Gormley (who made The Angel In The North) who did a series of artworks of wooden figures of himself (like the bits of wood that you find unaccountably sticking up in the sea) placed around the low tide. An interesting contrast, like one person facing up to the power and poetry of the natural world.

    I like your signature in this one. It is a good signature and I think you should stick with it.

  2. I am catching my plane so…very quickly: this time, I think you need to place your signture on the lower left side in a lighter color…sorry…gotta go to the airport now.. take care. hugs, my dear

  3. well, maybe its a european vs american thing, but i like it on the right in a lighter color, using the font in the bottom image. can you put the signature closer to the edge?
    ~Sue O’Kieffe

  4. Hi, Diane. My two cents worth: I like the green signature in the lower right corner. I suppose it could be a little smaller, but I prefer the way it blends in a little more than the bright signatures you have farther down. I mean, we want to know who the artist is, of course. It must be signed. But the work is not about the signature, and the bright signing draws too much attention to itself, suddenly we are more immersed in “Diane Clancy” than we are in the flowing art above.

  5. There seems to be some additions since I last read your post! I am not an artist but I like the simple lettering light coloured signature. Because it is simple it does not detract from anything and because it is light you can see it against the picture.

  6. Hi Beverly, I will have to check out that artist – he sounds very interesting!! Wow – I just went and checked out a little – will look more later – thank you, And thank you sor your second round of input!

    Hi Bobbie, thank you so much!

    Hi Neda, thank you for taking the time! thank you,

    Hi Sue, thank you for your input – you can see I made some other versions to try what you said. Thank you. I know I have always tended to put my signature on the bottom right – maybe it is European vs US.

    Hi Donna, welcome and thank you for your input!!

    Hi Nicola, Thank you for your compliment and your input!!

    Hi Healing, Thank you for coming and commenting! I just looked at your blog and you have me listed – thank you!! I think you are saying out loud what my concern is with the lighter signatures. Thank you!

    Hi Staci, thank you for coming by and for welcoming to the WWAO!!

    Hi Barb, Thank you for your support and your input!!

    Thank you all!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

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