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Redoing My Signature — 6 Comments

  1. Pooey on the spammers, spys, hackers and others of the same ilk. I admire you for staying after the board and being in the sometimes minority. Many people can be affected and persuaded by your actions and so remember that!

  2. I only had problems with your blog at the beginning, when I didn’t know this one existed, but I think you have sorted this out, as you have changed your signing to that it incorporates the blog address. Never heard of these ‘Etsy’ shops before, another new thing I have learned from blogging. ‘Etsy’, is that a new word! I will go and have a look at some of them now.

    Love the ‘Open Arms’. An accessible image, which pulls you to the centre, just like open arms should do!

  3. Hi Neda, I don’t know anything about it either … just what I learned tonight …urgh! It is something that probably tries to capture others’ emails or something. I am delighted you like the Etsy blog!!

    Hi Bobbie, I agree – fooey on them all! Thank you, I think you are right that we all affect each other …. so our actions are important!

    Hi Beverly, I am glad my new signing works for you – I am always concerned it looks too egotistical! I am curious how you like Etsy.

    Thank you,
    ~ Diane Clancy

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