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  1. Hi Diane,
    I have been sending out an email newsletter for almost 2 years now. I use Constant Contact, which is cheap and really easy. I’ll forward you one so you can see my latest. Funny, I was just thinking the other day I ought to send it to you!

    I hope you feel better soon. That is a challenge, and I wish you all the best with healing.


  2. You have my permission to send me a newsletter. I’ve thought about wanting to do this as well, but I have a few more goals to clear up first before I get to that point.
    ~Sue O’Kieffe

  3. Hi Kris, Thank you so much for giving me this info. Thank you for your good wishes!! I am going to look carefully at your newsletter,

    Hi Sue, Thank you! I have been wanting to for a long time too … I jsut feel I need to let family and friends know about CafePress and Etsy while they still have a choice of shopping there for the holidays!

    Hi Beverly, I like that “in clover” – yes, rescuing is so important!

    ~ Diane

  4. Hi, Diane. It has taken me a few days to get caught up…

    I am really looking forward to your newsletter!

    I also checked out your new and improved CafePress site. It has a nice clean feel to it and is very welcoming. Who took the photos of the owls? I’m an avid birder and for as long as I lived in Minnesota… I have still never seen a Snowy Owl! Now that I’m in Las Cruces, NM, those odds have become even worse. Perhaps next week when I’m visiting family.


  5. Hi Chris, Thank you!! I have worked very hard at CafePress … one might say absurdly hard!! So I am glad you like it!! My dad is a birder and these pictures are his. I hope you do see a snowy owl! Thank you!!

    ~ Diane

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