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My Work at Another Store — 9 Comments

  1. Thank you, Diane, for making that beautiful yellow print. That’s just the right color yellow too. I like it very much. I am becoming inspired myself and want to start creating hand crafted art. After this weekend, I want o see what sort of art supplies I still have and maybe buy some new stuff. Next, I need to get a scanner, if any of my stuff is halfway decent. We’ll see.

  2. This is a very lively image. The animals virtually jump off the screen! Again this reminds me of African Art by it’s sheer energy and I like the coloured circles.

  3. what is your philosophy/formula for doing work on consignment? i have done shows where any sales were between buyer and seller, and no consignment fee was expected, so i was able to set my price for what i wanted and felt was fair. when i sell on consignment i never feel as good about the price because I come out on the short end, invariably. i understand about galleries needing to charge a fee because it is their business, too, but i am leery of shops who won’t buy wholesale.
    maybe if i had a balance of both or a majority of clients who were wholesale, then consignment wouldn’t feel so *not right* to me.
    ~sue okieffe

  4. Hi Irene, You are welcome! I am glad you like it! I will be eager to see your creations!

    Hi Ellie, I am so glad you like these images!!

    Hi Beverly, Lively – I like that idea!

    Hi Sue, I am going to answer your questions in a post on Monday or Tuesday … I had the 2 challenges to answer first … very good questions!!!!

    Thank you,

    ~ Diane

  5. hi diane, thanks so much for participating in aedm this year!! i love this animal design you did here. did you do this in photoshop? i’ve been reading up online about doing repeating designs on photoshop, but i get a little overwhelmed trying to put it all together!

    i’m also very interested in hearing your answers to sue’s questions! 🙂

  6. Hi Leah, Thank you so much!! I did it mostly in Painter and some in Photoshop. Actually, I also used Illustrator to deal with the clip art … it was one of those deals where I was wheeling and dealing among programs.

    Hi Neda, thank you!!

    ~ Diane

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