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  1. Hi Diane, I just wanted you to know that I have been around, but I haven’t been commenting. I don come by regularly, I just haven’t had much to say.

    There is no end to being environmentally friendly minded. I am reminded of it every day when I switch off lights and ride my bike and think about what else I can do in my life to make a difference.

    Holland has gotten its first squid fisherman, because there is now ample squid in the North Sea because of climate change. Of course, everybody will jump on the bandwagon and then there will not be any squid left either, as all the other fish are disappearing. Insects and other animals and plants are appearing in nature that used to belong to the Mediterranean climate. Children are forgetting what it is like to skate on natural ice. Only once in a while can you build a snowman.

    I don’t mind the climate getting milder, but it doesn’t bode well for the world at large and we mustn’t be selfish about having nicer weather. Holland will flood in 50 years time (or maybe even 20 years). The dikes aren’t high enough and it costs a tremendous amount of money to raise them.

    In the meantime, we do our best not to add to the problem and leave a little ecological foot print. It will be like we have hardly been here. Only our ashes will remain.

    Have a terrific day, Diane. Mine is starting early due to inability to sleep. It’s a good time to catch up on blogs. Ciao…

  2. Diane, you absolutely inspire me with your work and energy. The world-wide-web allows us to find like minded individuals and not feel isolated in our thoughts and priorities. The environment is so important, it is after all where we live. We are affected directly by every bad environmental decision, even in far away lands where air currents bring pollution to the world. The ocean waters are the same. But I digress. Your thoughts and actions encourage and inspire me.

  3. I think that the internet is great for artists to connect and I have come across a lot of very interesting and beautiful art since I started blogging in April, almost by accident, because I didn’t primarily start blogging for art, I was doing it as a bit of a laugh for my kids. However, after seeing it all I have been moved to make collages and things and also to start taking photos and as a result have been taking a much greater interest in the world around me. Because of where I live, a fishing port, I don’t get to see a lot of art, though the council does their best and we have a fun ‘fish trail’ in town which consists of brass fishes on the pavement which you can follow, and also, since I have been taking pics I have noticed the many modern statues of anchors and other fishing related things around me. They seem to be quite into carving sulptures in trees round here, and we have a tree stump made into owls at my kids’ school. Also around town you will suddenly find a tree carved in the shape of a squirrel, or a wooden bench made out of leaves, so it seems that the local artists have been quite busy!

  4. Hi Irene, Good to hear from you! I know you are very environmentally minded!! You make me think. Really – they are expecting Holland to get flooded? Ouch about that and the squid!!

    Hi Bobbie, Thank you for your patience with your card … I should have it done within a few days .. I am so sorry at the delay!! I am delighted that I inspire you! Thank you so much for your kind words!!

    Hi Beverly, Isn’t that interesting… by being on the web you have actually developed as an artist and your artist’s eye has been totally cultivated so you see the art around you. Fascinating!!

    Thank you so much for coming by!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  5. You are so right. Growing up, we were creative without even knowing it. I guess we were blessed to have this inborn talent. It took me many decades to accept my artistic side and go wherever it takes me. Like you, I am finding anchor and creative expression as the years go by and as the technology becomes easier. You are always an inspiration.

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