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  1. Hi Diane– love this piece… its those circles l have a terrible weakness for… although I love the patterns in the gold/blue ATC on Nov3 as well! Balancing things out is definitely an ongoing challenge I find… Using the internet as a means of networking does take time away from life and creating but for me (living in a rural area where not alot of farmers are looking for the kind of art i do lol) it has been worthwhile so I continue to struggle with the balancing act lol! best of luck! namaste Elis.

  2. Prioritizing! What is that??? I tend to get up and look around and start working on the thing that jumps out at me as absolutely necessary, which is usually something that I was thinking about doing two weeks ago. Since I am an obsessive gardener, generally I get drawn into a task becuase it is the season for doing it and if I don’t do it right now something is going to die. Balance is extremely important. I usually only network and spend time on the web when I am resting after doing my more physical chores, which is reflected in many of my blog posts. For example, today I wrote a description of my day yesterday and today, and you will see by reading it that dealing with the plants I bought at an auction yesterday rose to number one on the priority list.

    I am way too good at procrastinating, but I guess that is part of having balance in my life! There must be balance between being real responsible and blowing things off, right?

  3. I have not been very good at prioritizing. When there’s something urgent, it gets my attention. When I know something is coming up but I’m not there yet, I am inclined to put it off. Lately, I’ve been trying to get better at this. I’ve got some lists of things to do. I have several projects going at once, which is good for me because I’m easily bored but bad in the sense that I can be pulled in a lot of directions at once. Very recently, I’ve taken a new approach. I schedule a bit. I sit down and decide which things are most important for me to get done in say the coming week. Then I keep that list close and even put some things in my date book as if they are appointments. This way, next to the doctor’s appointment I see a note to work on a story I want to prepare for submission or spend an hour reviewing images for the cards I want to make for the holiday show. This way I don’t drift into things and projects actually get done.

    By the way, I too have a soft spot in my heart for these circles, although the patterned kaleidoscope style images are fun too. This one is nice and warm, just the thing for a chilly fall day.

  4. I really the like colors in this piece!

    My priorities:
    Take care of daughter
    Take care of the house (on the market)
    Take care of myself
    Take care of husband
    Go to my job
    Make art projects

    For me, making a project is last on the list, but I always push myself to get everything else done so I can spend time painting. The absolute worst part of this is the house….I clean it top to bottom EVERY day to get ready for walk-thoughs…I never know when they are coming.

  5. I too have problems keeping everything going. I subscribe to a blog reader (mine is google) and have started prioritizing the blogs into folders. If I am really busy then I just don’t read some of the lower priority ones for that day.

  6. Those bubbles look so sultry moving at such a slow pace with the all hot and passionate colours around! As to prioritising I am a great writer of lists. I think it always helps people to get the things they need to do written down as then it looks a lot more manageable and then they can put the things that need doing in the order that they need doing. It also give you great satisfaction from seeing everything you have done ticked off on the page. I have a Year Diary and a big space of each day and instead of worrying about everything I just write down what needs to be done each day. Sometimes it sounds a bit funny like: ‘Go to the doctors….Buy cheese…Hay’ (for my guinea pigs).

  7. Hi Nicola, I am glad you have food for thought! I think most of us could improve!

    Hi Elis, So glad you love this piece!! I live in a rural area too – without much money and with lots and lots of artists. So the web is a big networking place for me too. Here’s to balance for us both!

    Hi Healing Magic Hands, balance is good! And resting needs to be there too! I am not so good at the resting part … doing what is necessary is crucial – that gets my attention too. And only 2 weeks after? That seems pretty good to me!

    Hi Ellen, It sounds as if you have a decent system for now! I like that … scheduling .. list and urgent. I hear several projects good for interesting and bad for spreading one out too much!

    Hi Julie, keeping a house clean for selling is tough! Great you have your priorities so clear!! How do you get so many projects done???

    Hi Bobbie, I am not sure I can do folders in my reader. I have them prioritized by the most important near the top. My readers and commenters are my top blogs I read!

    Hi Beverly, Lists -I love lists … You are much more organizes than I am with lists though. I found a couple of years old list – of big marketing stuff – and was delighted that the whole list was almost done. But I have gotten so overwhelmed my list system has broken down!!

    Thank you everyone for such great comments!!
    ~ Diane Clancy

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