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  1. Some things are unavoidable and best done as you get the input data. I too get behind, and I am only trying to keep up with my purchases. I think it would be better if it were more important that I do it. In any case I wish you well and fleet fingers!

  2. Lovely work. I understand about letting stuff pile up. I finally…after a couple months, got around to doing my expenses. It’s not tough to do, but somehow it’s like pulling teeth with me. I avoid it like the plague. Would rather do other stuff.

  3. It is just not interesting to do, I guess, and the longer we leave these things, the worse they are. The only way I can ever keep organised is if I make a system that is really easy to use and set aside a little time each day to do it. If nothing needs doing on any one day, all the better, that’s a bit of free time. Needless to say, I find these things slip and I have the same problem of coming back later and not being able to make sense of things.

  4. I think the new signature looks great! I don’t do any selling so don’t have this problem but remember years ago when I used to run a Toy Library and because it was taking in money I had to be accountable, I used to keep an accounts book which had all sorts of complicated tables and sums to be filled in. I remember looking at the page and it was a mess with Tippex and the sums never used to add up so there were lots of scribbling. I do think computers make things easier in this respect as you can make them do your sums for you and also you can erase things at the touch of a button!

  5. I am in the process of setting up books in Quickbooks and having to go back and enter bank statements, cc statements, etc from the beginning of the year. I feel your pain, girl. In the midst of lots of internal disorganization, it looks like one of my check registers is MIA.
    I like your signature. Do you use a Wacom tablet to do that?
    ~Sue O’Kieffe

  6. Hi Bobbie, I think you are right that it is best to input as it comes along. I think part of what gets me is … sometimes it takes as much time to input 1 thing as 10 … so then I space it out. But clearly I spaced it way way too far out this time!! Thank you!

    Hi Carla, I appreciate that you understand! It is tough to do .. at least at times. And I know many people just hate doing it. I have to have a new system here! Good luck yourself!

    Hi Frances, I think thi sis a great idea … and easy system and setting aside time each day to do it. Perhaps that is what I need to do … with the mail too!! Oh yes … trying to make sense later!!

    Hi Beverly, delighted you like the new signature!!! The old days were hard that way. Part of my problem is there are so many ways I have to store each piece of data … I think my system might be too unwieldy! Glad you don’t have to do that now!

    Hi Sue, Quickbooks is good – I like it a lot. But entering from the beginning of the year – NOT FUN!! Ouch – I hope you find your check register … I feel your pain too!!! Good luck.

    Signature … I wrote my name a whole bunch of times on a paper and scanned it in and decided which looked the most like the way I sign my physical paintings … and bingo! I chose it. Ha ha … days long process, if not weeks and I wonder why I have no time!

    Thank you!!
    ~ Diane Clancy

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