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Freedom and Choice — 10 Comments

  1. I totally agree, Diane. We must have structure and discipline in our lives. I admire you for putting these artificial constraints on yourself to encourage an environment where you can work and accomplish your goals.

  2. I agree with Julie. On a prosaic note when we go round my local massive Asda with its many choices, like ten different choices for a tin of tomato soup, we sometimes wish we were back in our local, simpler store. All the choices mean you have to walk much farther round the store. However maybe all this effort is worth it in that you actually get a better tin of tomato soup. lol

    Maybe freedom and choice is the what we get with progress. As a child matures and takes on adult responsibilites he must learn to deal constructively with the freedom. Maybe great art, as well as lives well-lived, are a result of the tension between the two.

  3. Hi Bobbie, thank you for your kind words!

    Hi Julie, that is very funny!

    Hi Beverly, I know what you mean … I often am swamped with too many choices … I don;t need all of them! Beverly, that is brilliant what you said about the maturing into freedom and also greatness coming from the freedom of the two!!

    Thank you,
    ~ Diane Clancy

  4. I love it when you combine your art with a bit of personal insight and stories from your life experiences. Like you, I thought I would achieve higher creativity with so many possibilities open to us now, but sometimes, it is overwhelming. I know exactly what you mean for the need to be structured.

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