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Fantastic Comments in Last Post!! — 4 Comments

  1. Priorities – Go for the 80/20 rule. Figure out what 20% of your effort provides you with 80% of your results and just do those things. Drop the other 80% – you’ll hardly notice.

    At least in theory. I’m pretty sure reading blogs when I have a large list of “must do by tomorrow” things is not going to get me anywhere near my goals this evening!

  2. Owls are very wise creatures, and we must take notice of what they say! I think my owl would say that I probably need more to occupy my mind, but I am going for a job interview on Wednesday and hopefully will get it. I’ve also got a job as an invigilator starting next week which actually doesn’t give you a lot to occupy your mind with as you watch the kids taking their exams, but I quite like reading the exam papers and comparing them with the ones I took in my own youth.

  3. I like this image, but you know I like purple and green. I like the contrast between the circles and the angles. I have a hard time prioritizing too. Right now, with so many different things on my plate, Im just trying to do little bites of stuff when I get home

  4. Hi Lisa, what a good reminder that the 20/80% rule is good for priorities too!! Thank you! That is the deal, isn’t it? The non-tangibles of connecting and networking.

    Hi Beverly, Good luck with your job interview!! Can you knit (or blog) while you are watching the kids? I suppose not blog, but maybe crochet? Let us know about your interview!

    Hi Sue, yes, green and purple I know you will probably like. I like the owl. I think you and I are in similar places … a lot of irons in the fire and a lot of *potential* directions … but I know for me it is hard to know which way to try sometimes.

    Thank you!
    ~ Diane Clancy

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