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Create Every Day – November Challenge — 14 Comments

  1. Hi Diane,
    Thanks for the comment! I am so there with you too. It’s my plan to create every day too. You are so inspiring with all your beautiful work. I wish you great success!

    I would love to exchange links with you. I’ll add you to mine.

  2. I like poetic mountain. I particularly like the way it happens at night with the night-time colours, which remind of Xmas lights lighting up the darkness, or, because I have a past, the colours of the nightclub lights at night-time, purple and pink.

  3. Hi Kris, I am so glad you are inspired! Success for both of us.

    Hi Bobbie, creating every day is the important thing! Though I would love to see it.

    Hi Ascender, I think you are correct about that castle – I see it myself!

    Hi Beverly, So glad you like it … nightclubs you say? Perhaps this is one.

    Hi Julie, Keep hanging in there!!

    Hi Frances, I am so glad you love the color.

    Thank you,

    ~ Diane Clancy

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