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Congratulations!! Neda!! — 8 Comments

  1. Yes, I was going into Blogger and suddenly the name of the blog on the ‘Blogs of Note’ looked really familiar! Nice to sort of know somebody famous!

    I love this print. The animals look funny, lively and playful. I think children would particularly love this.

  2. But it also has a very African art feeling to it, with the colours and shapes. (Sorry I can’t say any more but I don’t know that much about art!) This is entirely appropriate because these are African animals.

  3. I remember seeing this on one of your other blogs – I agree with Irene, it is lovely for a fabric design or gift-wrapping paper. It reminds me of some fabric someone gave me many years ago that I used to make little dresses for my daughter. That came from one of the markets in Saudi Arabia, so who knows which part of the world it originated. You are a designer of the global culture.

  4. Hi Irene, I like your idea of getting this into fabric – I tried at one point and perhaps Jan would be good to try again!

    Hi Beverly, I am glad you like it. I did create it with children in mind. Glad you feel it has an African sense. It is so good about Neda!!

    Hi Frances, yes, I used it before, and I figured most people hadn’t seen it so I used it again. I am delighted!!! To hear you call me a designer of the global culture … about the highest praise in my mind. I would like very much to get this to wrapping paper or fabric!!

    Thank you!

    ~ Diane

  5. Diane, how can I ever thank you?! You are a very dear and sweet friend. I really like the design…It makes me think of a great idea for a child’s sleeping bag 🙂 Wanna market it?

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