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Answer to Neda’s Trick Question — 7 Comments

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Diane! I thought this picture really showed off your signature to the best effect, as it picked up the yellow in the sunset, and becomes an integral part of the picture, adding rather than detracting!

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  3. Hi Kris, I am so glad you like these bubbles!!

    Hi Beverly, I like the signature too … thank you.

    Hi Sue, oh good!!

    Hi Sue, Now I get it!!! I directed to the wrong post … the detailed answer is on the original post … I guess you can look there .. I need to go change the other link. The short answer is I don’t listen to music all the time.

    Thank you,

    ~ Diane

  4. Diane, I did answer you on my blog but somehow the comment vanished! Anyway, I thought there was NO way that the walls in your house were white. I imagine them bursting with vibrant life with all your paintings hung everywhere, right??

    And Happy Thanksgiving (belated)…I have been caught up with the election news from Lebanon (a mess) and I had not slept in 3 days, being glued to the satellite tv. Sorry if I let you down 🙁

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