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ACEO’s are Fun! — 7 Comments

  1. Wow! Another thing in common! I did collect other artists’ greeting cards for the same purposes as you. I did tons of aceos and sent them to Rima (maybe they will be up soon). The archival envelopes are a great idea. Thanks!!! I will visit your etsy store now. Hugs, my friend 🙂

  2. I am glad you are still here making beautiful things. When my ship comes in, and I have a credit card, I will know where to spend the money. How are you Diane? Is life treating you well? Is art still the greatest? I think it must be, looking at you site and everything. I have been away too long and promise to stop by more often. Cheerio! Take care.

  3. Hi Nicola, Thank you … and I am glad to hear you buy cards too to look at.

    Hi Neda, Cool that you collect cards too … they are just so inspiring!! I am eager to see your ACEOs!

    Hi Irene, thank you so much for coming by! It is very nice to see you! I hope your ship comes in soon … especially for your sake. I am ok … and I hope you are too!!

    Hi Beverly, Thank you! I love pink too …

    ~ Diane

  4. Hi Diane, great to see you do ATC’s as well. I make them on and off and have collected quite a few! I guess it is not hard to progress from larger collages to the ATC’s once you have your head around the size and how that limits the colours and amount of detail etc you can use!

  5. Hi Lisa, for the originals, I am still having trouble getting my”head around the size and how that limits the colours and amount of detail etc you can use!” That is for sure … but I am eager to do it … probably more by Jan.

    Thank you, Diane

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