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A Different Kind of Zoo — 6 Comments

  1. I like this animal print very much. It does have an African feel to it and it is very cheerful. I wouldn’t mind having that on my wall in a very big edition. Peaceful and happy to go to sleep by.

  2. I like this too! The animals are lines and look a bit regimented but they look as if they are going somewhere! The different colours give the feeling of life and diversity. Actually the meaning of zoo is not just a place where animals are kept, it broadens out to mean a whole collection of animals, anywhere. These animals, with their life and colour, have broken out of the line!

  3. Hi Irene, Thank you for your comment!! I am glad you see the African feel too. If you ever decide to go for the bug time, I do sell prints and cards … and the ACEOs.

    Hi Beverly, I am glad you like this … I like what you are saying!! I like the idea of changing the idea of a zoo.

    ~ Diane

  4. I was looking through all of the great papers at Paper Source (www.paper-source.com) and I think this project of yours would make a great sheet of gift wrap! I wonder how you would go about making it large and light weight?

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