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Worldwide Women Artists — 10 Comments

  1. Worldwide woman artists, women helping women. I like that. So nice your cards are in Whole Foods which seems to me would be a perfect market for them. Yea for you, Diane!

  2. Hi Diane Love your circles! I am way obsessed with circles… you will like wwao… it is a great group for asking just about anything and getting a few different views! welcome lol! thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! namaste Elis.

  3. Congratulations Diane. Also about the orders you have been receiving. I know how difficult it is commercially in the artworld, and I think you are doing just great!

    I lovethis green ice. You have caught the crystalline shapes of the ice, but who would have thought of making them green! But they lend themselves to complex patterns like this.

  4. TERRIFIC NEWS that you have been accepted into the WOMEN ARTISTS group, which sounds wonderful and that WHOLE FOODS is supporting your art!!! It was great to see you and Susan at the National Priorities Project fund-raiser dinner. What a worthwhile endeavor they are pursuing of informing the citizenry of our terribly wrong priorities with this current government.
    p.s. I love drinking tea from my Clancy mug and placing it on my Clancy coaster!!!

  5. Hi Nicola, Thank you for your congrtats!!

    Hi Bobbie, Thank you too!!

    Hi Elis, Thank you for letting me know wwao is a good group!!

    Hi Beverly, It sure is difficult commercially in the art world! So glad you like the image!

    Hi Tom, great to see you too! and thank you!! So glad you love your mug and coaster!!

    Thank you all!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  6. WOW!!! Congratulations on being inducted into that group. Whole Foods? WOW and double WOW!!!! Whole Foods originated in Austin (and I still remember their very first cramped little store south of the university) and now within 20 years, it has become the major force for organic foods,etc. I will go there to check out your cards!!!

  7. Hi Neda, I am thrilled too!! I am only into the local Whole Foods … so you won’t see me in Austin I am afraid. I tried to go regional a few years ago, but they didn’t return my calls … and once I got someone, not very helpful! So now they are back to allowing local difference.

    Thank you!

    ~ Diane

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