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What Are You Doing – Oct 15? — 7 Comments

  1. I sure could use some direction too. Well here is what I thought. Firstly I thought that I should do something for real, that is not on the computer and have decided on two things. I did this because I felt that it was not enough to just blog about the environment, sort of like preaching to the choir. Next I went out and took photos of things in my neighborhood that are not environmentally good. I also took some photos of some good stuff so I wouldn’t get too depressed 🙂 I have taken some of the images and tried working them up into something and have 5 “ideas” that I am playing with. I also started writing my blog entry. Sounds like a lot, but this morning I had nothing.

  2. i haven’t decided if i am going to participate…it’s not that im not interested; it’s just im heavy into priorities right now. if i get inspired and think of a topic then i might; but i need to stay focused.

  3. I am struggling with the idea of the art. I had intended to blog about something and maybe put a photo or two up explaining about some things I do to try and be more environmentally friendly. Now I don’t know whether to go for something clever and punchy or try to make something beautiful. I am one of the world’s most indecisive people at the best of times, but the huge range of possibilites seems to make this daunting.
    Love the picture, it looks like violas and pansies.

  4. Hi Bobbie, wow!! This is impressive! I am eager to see your photos. And already writing! You are either (or both) inspiring me or embarrassing me.

    Hi Sue, I understand about needing to stay focused. That is why I have to write up a resume for a grant due Oct 15 first.

    Hi Frances, I am with you! I am not always decisive either … and too many choices are a little overwhelming to me. And the environment is a lot of choices! Clever and punchy or beautiful … I am not clever so for me the choice would be easy! Good luck … write more here if you want …Thank you for your comment about my painting!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  5. I share your frustration.. but I want to comment on the artwork: it looks like the delicate filligree of a nightgown left on the porch at dusk in a crisp September afternoon. I LOVE IT!!! Truly! Very romantic and feminine. Did I say: I love it???

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