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Question for You — 14 Comments

  1. I think you should put your name on it. If you have a business, I would imagine all publicity helps, and in this way you could lots of free publicity. I suppose it the conflict between art and commercialism, but if I was you, I would compromise. In a lot of the paintings I have seen the signatures are very distinctive, and a work of art in themselves!

  2. Hi, Diane.

    I would definitely add your name to the image! I think it’s important that your name is on there and I’m sure there are ways to make it less obtrusive. After all, artists put the names on their paintings all the time.

  3. I don’t know cafe press but I do know marketing… perhaps when you receive the notice of the sale you can drop a postcard to them thanking them for their purchase… or a personal note with the card inside.

  4. it is the downside of print on demand stuff. when i did my calendar thru lulu.com last year i had a heck of a time figuring out where to put my name, but i managed. i would do it. you’ll figure out a way.
    what is life without problem solving? (just cuz i ran into this quote tonight and now i have a place to put it: “We should feel excited about the problems we confront and our ability to
    deal with them,” says Robert Anton Wilson. “Solving problems is one of
    the highest and most sensual of all our brain functions.”
    ~Sue O’Kieffe

  5. Absolutely, do put your signature on the merchandise! You are an artist and we expect artists to sign their works. I think it would add to the merchandise, not subtract from it.

  6. Hi Nicola, thank you for taking the time to respond.

    Hi Beverly, thank you for your opinion … so make it in the painting …

    Hi Chris, I do usually sign my physical paintings … not that you can really see it very well, but maybe I need to do it on my digital work too. I bet you can’t see my name on the mug you have … but it should be there … unless I cropped it off …

    Hi Ascender, I like that idea of dropping them a thank you note with my business card inside! Seems like a good compromise.

    Hi Sue, good point about problems being part of life – an important! It is the downside of print on demand … I am glad you found a place for your name.

    Hi Tom, this is the problem … I never see the items – they get shipped directly. Now obviously with local people – I can sign … and I would be glad to sign yours!!

    Hi Bobbie, it is good to know what you think! I think I may send you a sample before I print!

    Thank you for all your thoughtful comments!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  7. Since I am one of those who pushed at the meeting for you to add your name to your artwork I do want to try to help here. I’m not familiar with the format you need to use for Etsy so perhaps my suggestions won’t work but I was thinking maybe you could have a bit of clear space below the image and squeeze in a line of type that has your name and the copyright symbol in it. I don’t think everything has to be a signature. I did feel the image you showed on the screen had a signature drawn into it that was too big and interfered with the artwork itself. You can put your name in small type somewhere either below the art or within the art. Or put a small thin black signature somewhere where it doesn’t interefere with the design. A challenge, I know. Paintings obviously are easier.

    What about your cards? Do you put anything on the back with your name? I always design a card with information on the back that says the name of the piece of art, where it was taken (photographs) when, and my name and copyright line. This might seem compulsive to some, considering mostly I just send these cards out to friends and family but I feel it protects my images. And it gives them information about the work, and tells them in an unobtrusive way that I took the photograph. A little bit of bragging without being obnoxious. But how to do it, I make the full page the image and set the information for the back right there as part of the file image. I’ll be expanding this enterprise into professional merchandise this year, so we’ll see how well my methods translate when I let others print them for me.

    Good luck with this. I do think it’s important. When someone is at a friend’s house and they are served a cup of tea in a cup with your design, they’ll see your name on it and ask about it and maybe go to your website and order some for themselves. We were talking about marketing. This is one of the best, and cheapest ways to advertise your work.

  8. Hi Ellen, I am delighted that you wrote – thank you! And yes, you were one of the ones who encouraged my name on things!! Do you remember which image I showed on the screen that you thought was distracting? That would be so helpful!!

    On the cards it is a breeze – I have all the info right on it – I print them so I have a thing I have created over the years. And when I sell prints, mats and frames, I have publicity with that with all the info. I agree it seems professional to put info on cards – even to family – and you never know who will see it!!

    Others’ printing your cards should be no problem – my original 6 cards I had printed, I just put the info right in the file to be printed. It should be the same when you print where are you planning to.

    Thank you for your ideas … and I still want to hear which signature distracted you!!!!

    ~ Diane

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