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Illustrator Friday – Grow — 18 Comments

  1. Welcome to Illustration Friday! Your artwork is amazing, and I enjoyed your post on Peace for Blog Action Day for the Enviroment. Looking forward to seeing more of your work on IF.

  2. I like this as many of the shapes seem seed-like, yet the whole picture grows into something more vibrant, with the shapes of leaves and other complex organic patterns. The vivid colours express the vibrancy of life itself.

  3. Hi Ascender – so glad you like the batik sense. I should start a category for that 0 I have quite a few batik types here. Thank you.

    Hi Michael, thank you so much!

    Hi Blue Rose, Thank you for the welcome!! I am glad you think my artwork is amazing!!

    Hi Beverly, Yes! Your are explaining what I saw when I chose this for grow! That was my exact thought! thank you!

    Hi Jennifer, thank you for noticing the writing! Glad you like it!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  4. Hi Joan, psychedelic – I like that> Yes, I know what I used. It was created in Studio Artist and then tweaked some in Photoshop. I like plug0ins too.

    Hi Bobbie, so glad you love the colors and poem!!

    ~ Diane

  5. Hi Nemo, thank you so much for coming by! Glad you like this!

    Hi Paul, Thank you for your encouragement!

    Hi Frances, So glad you like it – expressive – I like that.

    Hi Ricardo, thank you for coming by ,,, I was wondering how he got his fantastic colors … this is his answer,

    Thank you,
    ~ Diane Clancy

  6. I love the poetry of the image and the imagery of the poetry…I am so happy that you have tried IF (something I always wanted to do but…well, y’know..not enough time). BRAVO MY DEAR!!!!!!!!!!

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