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Handing Out Awards — 10 Comments

  1. I visited the other blogs, but I am not interested in them so much, as some of them have entries that date back to August and another one had an entry in July and then finally one in October. That is too sparsely written for me. I do like blogs that are kept up to date regularly and are written with some amount of zeal. I didn’t read the Vietnam stories, but will go back there some other time when the mood strikes me better. It’s a heavy subject. I’ve bookmarked the page.

  2. Your award is well deserved, Diane, for image of Buddha in bubbles, such a peaceful image. It was a great event, Rima’s wall of images,and Neda’s awards are the icing on the cake.

  3. So I just discovered I won this award by reading my own blog which I have been neglecting. I want to thank Diane for her kind words. I felt not at all qualified to speak on global warming except to say that I am frustrated that our national leaders continue to drag their heels and pretend we have lots of time to deal with this. I do hope that will begin to change now that the American people seem to be waking up to reality.

    Thanks, Diane, for all your encouragement and for this award.

    ~ Ellen

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