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  1. It certainly looks like the queen in a snit, but the queen of which country? Who is going to claim her? It also looks like she left her dentures in the glass on her night stand, poor thing! Be kind to your tight mouthed queens, cause a queen could be somebody’s mother!

  2. Hi, Diane! I’ve been reading your posts on my reader, but not leaving comments. I’ve loved each and every new creation you’ve shown, you are quite inspired these days – way to go, dear friend!
    As for this one, I felt like it was some exotic fruit sliced open and offered up in all its glory! Quite regal too, fit for a queen…
    Glad to hear you’re busy with new clients, that’s the kind of busy that’s needed… 🙂

  3. Oh, that’s cute – your blogspot inserts an actual smiley. Let’s try others:
    8) 😀 😉 ;-p 😮
    (sorry, i’m just in a silly mood today)

  4. i love your blogs on widgets and gadgets. i get to benefit from all yur research. 😀
    im curious to know how long it takes to make a new pattern from this series you have been working with?

  5. Hi Irene, Thank you for your thoughts! If she is not someone’s mother, she is certainly someone’s daughter … so good advice!

    Hi Rima, So good to see you! Glad to hear you have been reading the posts! Fruit – I like that. I am delighted you have been liking the creations! on widgets and gadgets. 😀 I have never used a smiley thing … so I will try one.

    Hi Sue, So it is getting to be time to do more wadgets and gidgets … or did you say, widgets and gadgets? I was planning to do one of the other stat things next … so glad you like sharing my research – because I love to teach!! Thank you!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  6. At first, I thought it looked like a pomegrenate sliced…then I saw a little Buddha and then the whole image went into some mystical realm of yoga, chanting, etc. I love it too!

    You know, I have been promising to write and like Rima, I visit, and then I tell myself I need to write something intelligent and then…things happen and I am always playing catch-up..So sorry.

    Now, the question my dear is: what do YOU want to talk about? What’s your passion in life (other than art)? Seen any good movies lately? What’s your favorite book or heroin? If you were to be reincarnated, who or what would you like to be?…Hey..but enough about me…let’s talk about YOU now, my sweet friend 😉

  7. Hi Neda, mystical – I love mystical!! I am delighted to know you do come and visit every day. You know, you don’t have to be totally perfect in what you say! Hi is OK too! Of course I love your super- thoughtful comments … but … just like you tell me … perfection is not necessary!! Thanks for your ideas, you are a delight!

    ~ Diane Clancy

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