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Creative Fueling — 12 Comments

  1. I’d love to join you in a flight of fancy, Diane. That is the sad part about art, you have to be a personality to make a success and you do have to sell yourself right along with the artwork.

  2. HUGS Diane love your bubbles! Thanks for being among my only online support group. Alot of people don’t get the “comment” section. I am in a local art group art show right now and one coming up for the holidays. Local groups help us alot. I may leave feedback to alot on line but not get it back (you do). People need to learn to share in the connection of art and fly along in each others flights.

  3. I found this very interesting.
    I had never thought of artists in that way – as business people or as ambitious. Though of course, I did know a lot of artists craved recognition.
    Not being a driven person myself, my problem is to switch ON not to switch OFF – I’m what is commonly called lazy – can contentedly do no work at all. I’ve always admired people who can push themselves and get organised and all the rest, but I’ve never understood where the drive and energy comes from – I’ll continue to try and find out! LOL

  4. Hi Joy, oh, thank you for coming by!! I am so glad you love these bubbles! I am glad to be on your online support team – I know it is tricky sometimes. Believe me, I make lots more comments than I get. I don’t know if there is something different I should be doing to get more comments … but I can only be who I am. Connecting with other artists is crucial for me. Your words are very wise!

    Hi Frances, I am glad you found this interesting. Funny, isn’t it, how different people are. Sometimes I sure need to find the ON switch, but I guess I need to search for the OFF more often. Being contented is a big plus in my book!!

    Thank you all for stopping by!
    ~ Diane Clancy

  5. Diane, I would have left more comments but wasn’t aware of this blog. I kept coming to your lovely website and leaving comments but which you don’t update as much as your blog. Maybe other people are the same.

  6. Hi Beverly, I am love what you say about bubbles!! So poetic!

    I thought that was what had happened .. was that you didn’t know about this blog. Oh, so you have been going to the site itself? I knew you had gone some to the Blogger blog. I am sure others are similar too. That is the thing about the Blogger sites … it has my Blogger blog as my address … so that is partly why I always but this blog too … but I know it is not obvious. I am so glad you have found here now!

    Thank you,
    ~ Diane Clancy

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