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  1. Well said and well written, Diane! I have thought before that maybe we should listen to American Indians more often. It sounds as though they had a healthy attitude towards their environment.

    Compassion towards the earth sounds like a very important attitude to have. The most important one, probably. We wouldn’t do things so carelessly if we always had it.

  2. I love the words you have used here, Diane: Awareness, consciousness and compassion. You are so on track and centered. So much could be changed through compassion and tolerance. Thank you for reminding us how important these three words are.

  3. Hi Irene, I think many American Indian cultures knew a lot about living in harmony with the earth.

    Hi Bobbie, I am so glad you like this post! You are welcome.

    Hi David, Sympathy or empathy … a good addition!

    ~ Diane Clancy

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