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Autumn Ruminations — 13 Comments

  1. I like these autumnal bubbles. You have caught very well the delicate red blush effect which I see on the trees around me. I think bubbles are great for reflection as they float on slowly by. I think your artwork is great! The piece you did for Rima jumped off the wall!

  2. Hi Beverly, I am delighted by your comments!! Thank you – you are reflecting back to me that this is working as I hoped it would!! Thank you! So glad you liked the piece for Rima!
    ~ Diane

  3. Thanks for visiting me. The stamp produces the bird image and then you can colour the image in. There are different techniques for colouring,including watercolours. ( there are thousands of different images available )
    Rubber stamps are great for someone like me, as I cant draw, but can still be creative! I think you are a true artist! I love your work, especially the bubbles, they look so dreamy and peaceful.
    I think that you need to change your links to this blog, when you leave a comment on someones blog, as the link on the comment dosent send you here ( I think, maybe I didnt look properly!)
    As another thought, obviously many artists design the rubber stamps, maybe you could give this a thought in the future! Rubber stamping is very popular!
    Kind regards
    Nicola xx

  4. Diane, I love my art cup and my friends at work are always commenting on it. I do wish financial success for you as well as artistic success. Art is a tough business but I think you will be successful in the end because you are doing a great job of selling yourself.

  5. Hi Nicola, thanks for coming by! These rubber stamps sound like fun – to let one focus while taking away the drawing issue. Thank you for your support for me as an arist!! Bubbles as dreamy and peaceful … I like that! What a great idea to develop rubber stamps – thank you. I don’t know how to change it so goggle settings on Blogger blogs don’t send people to my Blogger blog. I have tried … any suggestions are welcome!! That is why I put this address and my name after my comments.

    Hi Bobbie, I am delighted you love your cup … and your friends too!! Thank you for wishing me financial success. I sure hope that I do well – thank you!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  6. I not only, as I know you know, admire you as a person and a friend, but I sure hope you know how much I totally enjoy so much of what you produce as an artist and as a visionary woman – in a variety of media and in your words. The mug and coaster I purchased adorn my kitchen island and attract wonderful attention and comments. I just wish there was some way for the world to discover what I have in you and I believe you are doing so very much to make that happen.
    I also appreciated reading the comments of those who responded to this post since I believe there is wisdom out there that you are wisely tapping into.

  7. Hi Sue, taking stock sounds just right!!

    Hi Tom, thank you for your generous words!! I am delighted you love your mug and coaster! I too wish I could figure out how to get those delighting in my work to get some mugs, tiles or prints … Thank you again for your kind kind words!!

    Thank you,
    ~ Diane

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