A Green Day — 7 Comments

  1. I love your Fantasy in Orange. I love how intricate it is and full of details and off center. It’s balanced, yet completely off balance. You should do more like this. The details are great! There is so much to look at. It is like a baroque painting, although many will claim it is like a batik. But I think it is too irregular for that. It is the irregularity that makes it so good.

    Blog Action Day! Yes, I did not forget and wrote a post on it. Maybe we should have it once a year.

  2. Hi Bobbie, thank you! It is amazing how many people contribute in different ways to so many many efforts!!

    Hi Irene, I bet Blog Action Day will be happening again next year. I like that – a baroque painting … I agree. It is not quite delicate enough for batik I think.

    Thank you all!
    ~ Diane Clancy

  3. A wonderfully upbeat and encouraging post. Thanks to you and all of those who helped make GREENING GREENFIELD a reality. There’s not enough good news so such stories are so very welcome.

  4. Hi Tom, thank you for the encouragement!! Good news stories are great, aren’t they? It has been different for me this week writing a lot about the environment. Here’s to GREENING EVERYWHERE!!

    ~ Diane

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