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A Confession and Appreciation — 10 Comments

  1. quick note for now – i will have ot come back and comment on many other points in this post – but the one thing that resonates with me the most is when you wrote “i’m scared” – first of all, you are amazing for saying this, with this immense talent you have, and the beautiful work you do with both traditonal and digital mediums. second, if it’s any consolation, i think it’s usually a sign that you’re getting ready to do something really good. hugs, from a very sleepy rima

  2. I have a confession too: You ARE a great artist and what is fear but the anticipation of jumping into something exciting. I think you have stage fright, once you get down and dirty with all the brushes and paint, I know you can’t stop. PLUS: who is going to judge what you do?? You are doing something from your heart to contribute something to this rotten/rotting world we will leave our children!!! Don’t get me started! We love you and no matter what you will come up with we will ALWAYS love you and besides haven’t you seen some of my mistakes splattered all over my blog earlier or do you want me to send pictures of my messes? Again, who cares?! You’re the boss!!! Be free! Be happy! Live and create!!! Have some wine too..if you feel like it :))

  3. I have no idea what it is like to be a proper artist, Diane. It seems to me that you are one and that it is a talent you can’t lose. Pick up the brushes and go at it. I am sure it will all come back to you and then some. You will probably surprise yourself. I understand you being nervous about this, I would be too. Don’t postpone it, though. You’ll be fine. You have the eye! And the paints will be so lovely to work with!

  4. Strange eerie echoes.
    You are having the same fears as some of the rest of us have been suffering with.
    I am wondering whether getting into the digital medium is going to help me back into physical media or whether it is going to make me less confident. I have started getting bothered about tidiness in imagery and neatness and perfection – instead of what I first liked about the medium, the possibility of expressing something and communicating an idea without the inhibition of technique.
    Now I fear that I do not have the technical, practical skills required to do what I want in reality. I have no doubt though, that the only answer is to get the paint out and slap it on. I think large happy messes may be the way to go. To escape from the intricacies and exactitudes of the digital world. – I found myself adjusting something at pixel level the other day. How ridiculous is that?

  5. Hi Sleepy Rima, thank you for your words of reassurance and also saying that my work is beautiful!! I also look forward to hearing what else you wanted to say!! Let’s hope it is something really good … I am still feeling scared … thank you!

    Hi Bobbie – thank you for your reassurance that I will still be able to ride!!

    Hi Neda, what great wisdom you are sharing – thank you!! I am grateful you think I am a great artist!! That means a lot to me! I am glad to hear you guys will still love me even if my work isn’t fantastic! I should be more be happy, live and create!! Thank you!

    Hi Irene, thank you for your encouragement! and understanding also that it can sure be hard!! thank you!

    Hi Sue, thank you so much for your encouragement and confidence!! Everything will flow … I need to remember that. Thank you!

    Hi Frances, it is very helpful to hear what you are saying!!! I think one of the scariest parts is depending on the great “UNDO” button!! I am rereading a couple of times what you said about technique and skill … I identify with what you are saying. I sure created lots of messes yesterday!!

    Thank you so much for your support and understanding!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

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