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Would you Like a Cluster Map? — 20 Comments

  1. got mine!
    i wasn’t going to add a map because i had one behind the scenes with sitemeter, but when tammy said the map wasn’t accurate (and i had wondered), and you were so enthusiastic about watching the community grow, i was convinced! and i do like gizmos…

  2. Are these mandalas a reflection of our minds or wallpaper patterns?

    Norman Mailer or Norer Mailman, the great american novelist.

  3. The Lamp and the Key

    Nasruddin’s famous story of looking for the lost key in the most convenient place instead of where he lost it is an ancient Sufi story that subtly speaks to the folly of looking for spiritual truths outside ourselves.

  4. Hi Sue, I am psyched you got a map!! I will have to come over and be counted … start to pump my dot up to the big 10 visits so it will jump in size! yes, we both do like out gizmos!

    Hi Irene, I am thrilled to hear you got one too!! Cool … I will have to start pumping up my dot at your house too!

    Hi Oratorio’s Dog, Welcome – it is great to have you come to this blog! Most days I do not know who I am … that is a good point. We know only the where and not the who. Actually, Who Are You?

    I think these are probably reflections of our minds … I have never wall paper look like this … but have seen many minds like this.

    I totally agree that it is folly to look for spiritual truths outside ourselves. This is one of my touchstones of spiritual practice. Thank you for these interesting illustrations of this principle!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  5. What happened here? Please cut that text that was not supposed to be that long!
    The first paragraph will suffice…
    Modern technology escapes me.

  6. Hi Oratorio’s Dog, I have made the change. Technology gets away from all of us sometimes!! I must admit though … I am glad I still have the original long post since WordPress sends me comments … and it is interesting reading!! And very instructive!

    Thank you!
    ~ Diane Clancy

  7. Hi Neda, I am so pleased you think it is well written! You KNOW I would be glad to hold your hand through this … ARE you going to put in a map? You will be the envy with all your international visitors! Thank you!

    Hi Oratorio’s Dog, I am glad that I have another enthusiast about Cluster Maps!

    ~ Diane Clancy

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