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Working on My Website — 9 Comments

  1. Is this the famous face off between the infamous Chinese fire spewing dragons? They have to be oriental, it’s all in their style. Or could they be two very large and dangerous Chinese poisonous frogs? You would not want to meet one of these guys unarmed in an alley somewhere! They’re the stuff that ancient fairy tales are made off.

  2. Hi Irene, I like this idea of the Chinese dragons … I knew it was reminding me of something! I love this analysis!!

    Hi Rima, ok … frogs I will have to keep in mind …

    Hi Sue, smiles we like! Glad to hear that!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  3. i have a question/comment about the contact page on your website. if you give people two options and clients choose to go with email, you won’t get info into the database, which i assume you are using with the form. am i right about the database?
    what do you want to accomplish?
    as someone using the web, i would want to use whatever is easier. i hate filling out forms. id go for email.
    just wondering.

  4. Hi Sue, That is a very good questions … I don’t know how to do that … hook a database up to a form … I know I want to do a newsletter soon … but hmm … but I have no clue. But more importantly, I think it is very important to give people the choice of ways to contact me. This is one way I think I have good customer service … to work with how people are comfortable. But I am willing to hear more from a different opinion?

    Ok ,,, as I read more … your not wanting to do forms is part of what I give email option. I saw a friend’s site she is working on and I thought the form looked very sharp and it also gave a chance for someone who is away from their computer to make a connection – hopefully more easily.

    Thank you for asking – I am open to hearing more thoughts!

    Hi Bobbie, oh – that is a good point! I actually have my web-email address all over the website and a little on the blog. That is to make a different email in case of spammers … but you know, here go those famous last words again – I don’t get that much spam on that one email. But great point – thank you!

    Hi Tammy, thank you for coming by and visiting! I am delighted you love my artwork!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

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