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WordPress Sidebars – Cluster Maps — 7 Comments

  1. Sister Diane,
    So glad you were able to put a whole day’s work on your blog. Everything looks so spiffy. You’ll definitely need a snifter of ormus! Since everyone is gone to bed, I might as well do the same. I will turn the lights off your blog before I retire…

  2. Sister Diane,
    Last one here last night, and first one here this morning. Should get a prize for that. Will pick it up ar Esty. Love the lounge at your blog. Today is Blog Hopping day. Every Tuesday morning I visit between 90 and 110 blogs. I am checking the creative pulse of the blogsphere. Around eleven I go to my gig where I get free lunch. A rich christian guy in town has rented the shop window of a store which has closed on Main street and we re-enact the Last Supper for a couple of hours. The guy who plays Jesus snicks in a flask of cheap wine to be more accurate in the rendition. You guessed right, I play Judas Iscariot, someone’s got to do it.

  3. I magine King Arthur’s robe made with material using the pattern of your last Digital Painting©. It also reminds me of an Irish meadow. Can you see all the wild flowers?
    Splendid creation. Will check back later for the next installment.
    [Did you know that the Cadbury Castle was NOT made with chocolate? Legends, legends…like old warriors, they never die.]

  4. I love the intricacy of these art works, and your deep tones.
    I keep getting lost amongst your blogs and sites, one or two links don’t work in this browser I’m using – how do you keep on top of all of this?

  5. Hi Cornelius, Thank you for the compliment on this blog!! And I am glad you are saving energy and shutting off the lights as you leave! And I agree – you should get a prize! Pick it up anytime!

    Hi Sue, Thank you for saying I am doing great work! Not sure if you are thinking the paintings or the posts -but ether way, thank you! I am very eager to hear about how it goes calling shops!! Please let us know!! So exciting!

    Hi Frances, I am so glad you love the intricacy and deep tones!! This blog is where I really post and keep up with. The other ones I started to see how to use those configurations so I could advise clients better … it does get a little confusing!!

    But my site is related to the blog – but a site instead of a blog. Someone said a site is like a brochure and a blog is like talking with the person. That makes some sense to me!

    Please let me know any links that don’t work (if you are willing to) – that is very helpful!! I could have messed up something – for sure!! Thank you!

    ~ Diane Clancy

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