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Tile Shop Open! — 8 Comments

  1. I really like the colors and haze on this one…

    I don’t buy anything, so I might not be your target demographic..but I think these would look cool on fabric actually..or on paper so that people could use them in art projects.

  2. So far I have liked almost all of your creations and I would like to see them on any sort of merchandise, especially the more abundantly colorful ones. But I don’t know if I am the right person to ask, having an eclectic taste. I like the bold colors and not the softer ones like pink and soft blue. I like the paintings that have a lot of movement in them, that sort of burst out at you. The more playful, the better. Does this help you any?

  3. Diane, I have looked at a lot of your older posts and I like so many of your paintings that I can’t mention them all here. I like the ones especially that have movement in them, as if something is about to happen. Like in Cirque du Soleil. And the paintings that have the bold purple colors in them I find very attractive too. I care less for the animals in the meadows, though some of your customers may like them more. I find it hard to pick one specifically, but if I had to go with a theme, I would go with Cirque du Soleil and maybe expand on that some more if you thought that that was not enough.

  4. Hi Bobbie, Wow! Thank you so so much for buying a mug! Thank you! Please let me know when you get it and let us know how it is.

    Hi Julie, Glad you like it … fabric – that is a great idea! And on paper for projects – I never considered that. Thank you!

    Hi Irene, eclectic taste is great … my paintings have a great variety so it is a good match! Your descriptions are very helpful … and thank you so much for going back and making concrete suggestions … that is very, very helpful! You are right that some customers much prefer the animals in the meadows over anything else. This is great – thank you!

    And thank you for email responses also!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  5. In the past when I sold some of my ceramic tiles, I put a lot into each and every one of them. My show was a success but if I were to do it again, I would really put the budget and the $$$ signs right in front of me. I bet it costs a lot of money to prepare the print and as you said, get a good result. I am terrible at math and worse in terms of money, so I cannot give you any savvy advice except to tell you to go cautiously and maybe market just a few select items at first. Does this make sense?

  6. Hi Neda, I have tried to be cautious all along. I first printed 6 cards only … then people wanted more … then I print them myself – now I have much money tied up in materials … I understand! That is the beauty of CafePress – I spent lots and lots of time – but no money up front(except to open my shop). The beauty of print on demand.

    But thank you for the advice!

    ~ Diane Clancy

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