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The Other Form Delayed … — 6 Comments

  1. 18 years is a long time to have this wonderful companion. I know he/she is still alive in your heart as is my Corkey who lived 19 years. His was the first face I saw every morning and the last every night. I still miss him.

  2. Our cat Toby is 7 years old, Gandhi and Nouri are 5 years old. We hope they live to be very old and healthy cats, the emphasis on healthy. You sure can love them, though, can’t you?

  3. Hi Bobbie, Corkey sounds wonderful! I still miss my baby too … but when I need him, he feels right there still.

    Hi Tammy, Fluffy was special … my kitty has been 11 years and I miss him too. Those animal companions are so great!

    Hi Irene, how lucky your 3 are alive, healthy and pretty young! Good!! You can sure love them is right!!

    Thank you to everyone else who also thought about their kitties and puppies when they saw my Freckles!!

    ~ Diane

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