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  1. One day of rest?? Wish I could take a whole year, my dear! You managed to come up with such an intriguing collage even on your day of rest?? How do you do that?? I see 2 pairs of eyes looking into my soul…wonder what they will find out. I love the slanted perspective you are taking here, gives a very strong visual message. Best to you, my dear dear friend 🙂

  2. Fine piece you did Diane. Get some rest, you deserve it.
    I am particularly happy today because our women soccer team is whipping the USA team. They are giving the girls from the North a lesson in outstanding play. Well done ladies.
    The other blogs you are recommending are very interesting, I like “emages” very much. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. I haven’t checked out the other blogs yet, but will. I am suffering from a bit of lethargy, but it may also be the hypnotic affect of those eyes on your painting.

  4. Hi Neda, A whole year – I like that! Think I will take another day! I am looking into your soul … and I only see good thing! Thank you so much!

    HI Frances, insects … I agree … I am so glad you love the blues!

    Hi Calixta, Congrats on your teams success!! That is quite wonderful. I tend not to follow this sport, but I am glad you are happy. I am so glad you like “emages” – a VERY talented friend makes great creations!

    Hi Irene, I hope you get out of your lethargy and escape those eyes!

    ~ Diane Clancy

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