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How CafePress Works — 8 Comments

  1. Diane, I think this is the perfect way to market. That way you don’t have to have a lot of capital for startup, mostly just hard work. It is generous of you to share your techniques. I wish you well with your business and may you have many successes!

  2. I think print on demand makes a lot of sense in some regards. It is a great way to start, and I know how hard you have been working. Your client’s testimony to the quality of you work speaks to that. Brava! I will be interested to hear how this venture works for you. Keep us updated!
    ~Sue O’Kieffe

  3. That’s really very interesting – and I’m sure this part of your art business will build up nicely. I’ll keep checking in to see what you’re offering there. Lots of luck with that.

  4. Hi Bobbie, thank you for the good wishes! I agree it is a perfect way to market. I have always wanted my work to be accessible.

    Hi Sue, I have never been so keen on print on demand until this opportunity ,,, this makes so much sense. I should be getting my order very soon! I will keep you in the loop!

    Hi Rima, I sure hope this will build up nicely. The big thing will be to get the word out. Thank you ofr checking in on it.

    I think maybe 5 – 6 of these recent digital images might be good to do. I might make a gallery on my site to make it easier for people to see.

    ~ Diane CLancy

  5. Oh Wow! Thank you for this explanation. I am always in awe of all the new ways one can market their art but this is very clever. Costly, yes, but very well thought of. I went to visit the shop where you had the link in the post but the link is broken…Anyway, I just want to wish you very good luck for your (ad)ventures.

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