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Cluster Maps for WordPress — 27 Comments

  1. I used to be in a relationship with someone who always called me the Duchess, because of me being Dutch, so it is nice to see a painting named after me. I guess I should have him buy it for me now. Do you think that after all these years I could talk him into that?

  2. These seem really interesting and I am quite tempted…
    But…. I have an aversion to adding any more tracking to Blogger and Google than there already is.
    Having been quite an activist in my past, I am only too aware of the misuse of trackers and would hesitate to put them on my blog for fear of who else might access them and why.
    Apart from that, I’m happy imagining that the people who visit me are the ones who comment from time to time and not wondering who else is lurking.
    How do you feel about the tracking aspect of these things? I seem to remember you are interested in politics.

  3. Hi Frances, I certainly understand your concern! I also have been quite an activist and I know such things can be used against targeted groups. If this were a political blog – particularly a liberal one – I would have much more hesitation.

    Given that it is about art, perhaps I naively think that it will all be ok. I thought long and hard before I started blogging at all for these very reasons. What I do like about things like Cluster Map, is that it is by place and not by person … if it were by person, I might feel differently.

    But I think you raise important issues! I guess it seems to me that there is tons of tracking every which way … and so this feels like one little drop of water in the ocean. I know that every drop is important – and I guess I do feel ok about this.

    Another thing, these tracking maps don’t track readers – and I think lots of people use readers. Someone can certainly email me a comment and I can post it for them to avoid tracking …

    Thank you for raising such important issue, Frances!

    ~ Diane Clancy

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  8. Wow! You’re talented. I guess I got more interested in the pictures in this site than in the post itself. But anyway, thanks for posting this. I’ll look around some more.

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