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Working on my CafePress — 6 Comments

  1. This looks just like batik from Indonesia, amazing how you can get that effect digitally. I see there is lots to discover yet. I will visit your shop next.

  2. I agree with Irene.

    You know, Diane, it’s not so much as “drawing people in” as giving life to the art. Everyone has a style: some artists just put their work out there with no explanation, others write about the technical aspect of the work, and others kind of add musings and thoughts which may and may not relate to the art itself. Because you do that as a business, I understand your succint personal input. Whatever makes you comfortable is the right answer 🙂

  3. I am delighted you like my shop, Julie. I am eager to hear from others about how it is looking and shaping up!!

    Batik from Indonesia – I love that idea! I have done a little batik and enjoy it but it is messy to do. But Irene and Neda, I see what you mean.

    Neda, the “drawing them in” was from what they were suggesting at CafePress (probably I have wildly paraphrased it). It is suggested there to put in a description that would give people an extra reason to buy.

    But I like you idea of “giving life to the art.” That is also helpful. Yes, there is a wide variety of how people describe their art. I guess I think I am fairly boring … and also you are right that I am aware that whatever I write can be found by anyone. I will keep thinking about this … thank you,

    ~ Diane Clancy

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