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Time to Look Upward — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Di~

    Smiling at your question. It’s a lot how I work as well. We are both women of vision, which is why I think we have bonded the ways that we have. The photograph speaks to me, I create a mandala, I ask for a name. Sometimes it becomes clear to me as I am working what the image is asking to show; sometimes I am stumped. I’ve asked for help with names from time to time as well.

    This image is really lovely, uplifting, and has a great art deco feel. Have you printed any of them? How does the output match what you see on your LCD monitor?


  2. This image is very different from the others in this sense that it does take our eyes upwards. I love the way you have done the lower part as if humans or other creatures need to trasnsform their spherical shapes in order to ascend to a higher spirituality. Very nice..

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