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How I have been Creating — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Diane,
    I really like this image alot. This one speaks to me more than many you have done recently. Not sure why, just a first impression.
    What I want to add to what you said up there is, I think it is fine to learn from other people, be influenced by them…it helps you grow creatively and also to hone your skills. The danger is in thinking, “I’ll never be as good as that, so why try?”
    And now you know why I am a digital artist too. I dont like holding paintbrushes or staring at a blank page, or using up paint. (Of course there is still that issue of printer ink, eh?)

  2. I think that if you can do this digitally, you are one heck of a digital artist. It just blows my mind as a beginner. It is very beautiful. I think it appeals to me because of its symmetry. I am that kind of person.

  3. It’s great that you’ve found this kind of freedom in creativity with the digital medium. I haven’t worked with paper and paint for a long time but do have a bunch of it hiding in drawers and closets like little treasures. Perhaps I too have a hesitancy to use it without knowing it will be worthwhile. Still, my feeling is paint and paper and canvas were designed for use by artists and so deserve to be used as such. Think of all the paper we all waste in offices and with computers. Write a letter, memo, copy a page from the web, print out maps for our travels, all good uses but with lots of waste. There can surely be no higher use for paper and pen than to create a drawing, no better use than to paint that one, unique painting that reflects our own imagination. Perhaps the freedom you are finding now with digital images can then translate back into reminding you, and all of us, of why we starting drawing in the first place, for the fun of it.

    Great images, always. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Thank you all for enjoying these images and posts. Sue, Printer ink is different though – it has already been established it is good enough to use resources for. But … I understand those thought!

    Irene and Linda – thank you so so much!

    Ellen, I am very much hoping to bring that sense of play back to paper or canvas and paint! I mentally agree that the paints and paper are there to be used … it is emotionally that I feel not as capable. But, gee, putting it that way, the paint exists to be used … that might be a good reason to use it!! Thank you!

    Thank you all!
    ~ Diane Clancy

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